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NBC Steel Underground Shelters

Easy to instal on each property

Shelter (SP) THE EAGLE

by | Apr 21, 2020

The Eagle is 2400 SqFt, 6 unit bunker complex with multiple individual living units. All of the amenities of our typical upgrade units are included. There are 2 hidden security doors throughout the complex allowing the occupants to secure sections of the bunker if the need arises. Intruders will have no idea how large the complex is and how to access the safe rooms and secure sections that lead to

the escape hatch. The bunker offers 4 individual living units, each with it s own full bathroom living room areas. This floor plan was designed with multiple families in mind. While offering perhaps more security than any other floor plan these units are divided in such a way as to provide every family their own independence from the other occupants.

  • 1 Escape Hatch
  • ing cook top stove, double sink, and plenty
  • of storage and shelving
  • additional bed)
  • with work shop
  • room / Panic Room