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Panorama, Marbella s longest established real estate agency opened its first office in Marbella in 1970, and is led by its owner and Managing Director, Christopher Clover with the collaboration of his children Alex and Katinka.


Christopher started working with Panorama International, PanoramaPanoramaMarbella became an independent company. In August 2015 Christopher accepted a nomination as an Eminent Fellow of RICS(the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors), and on December of the same year he was granted a Lifetime Achievement Award from REAS, the most important Marbella Real Estate agency association. Chris two children, Alex and Katinka, have been working with Panorama since the turn of the century, making the fourth generation of professionals in real estate. Read more about Christopher, Alex and Katinka.



In Chris own words:

Panorama (Marbella)

  • Main Sales Office Puente Romano Hotel
  • Local 23 (next to the reception)
  • 29602 Marbella
  • Tel (+34) 952 863 750 Fax (+34) 952 825 917
  • https://www.panoramamarbella.com

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