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Anti Home-Invasion Room

Bulletproof and Anti-Explosive

(NBC) Safe Room / Panic Room

by | Apr 21, 2020

Marbella Arcadia Anti Home-invasion,

Marbella Anti Home Invasion Room or safe or panic room is a fortified room that is installed in a private residence or business location to provide a safe shelter or hiding place in case of a break in, home invasion, tornado or attack. The rooms is hidden with our Secret Passage or Hidden doors, they can be bulletproof or anti-explosion. The Arcadia Anti Home-Invasion Room contain communication equipment with EVE artificial intelligentie (A.I) that guardsyour family safety. Arcadia Panic button, so law enforcement authorities can be contacted at all time or special intervention team for Marbella V.I.P clients. Next to that a stand-alone secret spy cam system can be installed hidden in your house to be able to monitor the situation in any circumstance. Our technology c an retroject 3D invaders on life screen. Our Arcadia safe room can also be equipped with a NBC (Nuclear,Biologic,Chemical) protection filter system and a Tesla based technology to withstand, nuclear, biological, chemical and even EMP attacks.

* All our Anti Home Invasion Room or safe rooms can be also build underneath your home or workspace to ensure maximum safety !

Two solutions to build your Anti-Home Invasion`

Existing construction: You house is already build, you want to make Anti Home Invasion Room to protect your family. We can make any room in your house anti-exoplosive with our special nano-coating systems from Arcadia Industries. The Arcadia safe rooms will reinforced with special fire retardant, bullet resistant and anti explosive technologies. All the rooms our protect with bulletproof or anti-explosive secret passage. We can make even you’re sleeping room in safe room

New construction: You most build your house and you think to make Anti Home Invasion room or panic room, safe room or control room to protect your family. We can propose the newest technologies on the markt exclusive for Arcadia Industries. The A-Wall (Anti-explosion, anti earthquakes wall) that can be safe room for any catastrophe in your house. Your house can collapse this room2remain standing.

(A.I) EVE Anti-Home Invasion.

When your home security system fails during an attack, robbery, home-jacking our disaster, our stand alone A.I EVE control system2 takes over to allow you to take back the control over the situation and your property.A.I EVE you perfect partner in absolute control.She become your eyes and your protector of the family.

When your home security system fails during an attack our disaster, our stand alone EVE control system2 takes over to allow you to take back the control over the situation. EVE is your perfect partner in absolute control.

  • Drone security
  • Spy cameras
  • NBC (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical) protection.
  • Phone security
  • Alarm security
  • Attack defence
  • 24/24 security

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Secret passages, also commonly referred to as hidden passages (secret passage) or secret tunnels, are hidden routes used for stealthy travel, escape, or movement of people and goods. Such passageways are sometimes inside buildings leading to secret rooms. Others allow occupants to enter or exit buildings without being seen.

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