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Back-Up Systems

For Urbanisations and Resorts

Arcadia Free Green Energy Box500 , is a Military Power supplies from Arcadia Industries that we have adapt for home use, linkable electrical product without limitation of industrial power, Perfect independent free energy box for your villa. Vector support for wind, photovoltaic and other systems in the house. It is not an accumulator battery that needs an external electrical source for its recharge.

Reduced Module: Width 1863 x depth 683 x height 1882 mms. 205 Mwh 11.55 Kwh 1072 Kgs.

Electrolyte: Water + NaCl or KCl Water consumption: maximum 1 litre per month -Water volume Industrial Module Plus 1 m3
Water volume Reduced Module 0.5 m3 Water volume Industrial Module 1m3

EC Declaration of Conformity and certifications pursuant to international regulations and electric net codes.

All products are manufactured by (PIC): 899760555 official member of European Defence Agency