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Secret Home Shelter D22

Steel Underground Solutions

Home Shelter (SP) D22

by | Apr 21, 2020

One great feature of the BombArcadia shelter is its patented design that allows for installation in existing homes. The shelter unbolts into four parts, allowing the sections to clear a 7 tall garage door opening, then each section lowers into the hole for re-assembly under the floor. If the seams are welded after installation, this shelter will be classified as water tight and is acceptable for Europe. (Do not attempt to excavate your garage without an engineer s approval first).

New home construction installation is much easier! It affords for the shelter to be put in pre-slab, which also allows for the secret hatch to be placed in the master bedroom closet, or hidden behind a false wall.

The BombArcadia disaster shelter features an NBC Air Filtration System (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical), plus hundreds of cubic feet of storage beneath the laminated oak flooring, and collapsible bunk beds & couch that converts into an additional bed! The shelter s sturdy steel engineering is strong enough that you can even park a car on top of the 4 x 4 hatch installed flush with the floor.