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Welcome to the company Drumelia, a real estate industry expert about 20 years specializing in providing tailor-made, high quality services for home buyers, vendors and landlords of all types of properties, commercial & residential property investments, all aspects of property maintenance, as well as a wide range of concierge services and project management in one of the most beautiful and prestigious resort towns in Europe the Mediterranean resort of Marbella, Spain.


Drumelia is a specialist Marbella property agency that provides a very personal and dedicated service to its clients. We are sort of your boutique company.

We believe that real estate transactions are a very personal matter, so our approach is aimed at providing a complete service that is built on earning your confidence confidence in our professionalism and knowledge, but also our integrity and discretion.

Given the nature of the Marbella market, the majority of our work involves luxury real estate, yet we provide the same standard of service and dedication when requested to find smaller properties. Since the bulk of our business comes directly from personal referrals, you will find that we do not compromise on the standard of our service. We are proud that we have built a solid business on the personal referrals of satisfied clients.


What is our business and what are we trying to accomplish at Drumelia Real Estate What are the needs that it addresses and how we find a way to direct a business into the right path and to keep improving

We believe that no matter how beautiful the mission is, it should be clear, specific and based on life s realities. The mission of Drumelia Real Estate is simple to serve all of our clients real estate needs in today s increasingly fast-paced world, first of all to make them happy while looking for their dream house, during the process of flawless legal transactions and over the entire period of ownership.

Therefore, we think of the offered property not just as a villa, a house or an apartment but as a future family Home. Drumelia Real Estate actually takes over part of the responsibility for well-being and comfort in this Home, building, constructing, improving, providing concierge services to its tenants and organizing their leisure time, creating projects of a harmonious environment and assisting in case of unforeseen circumstances.

  • Services provided by Drumelia Real Estate company evoke positive emotions and lead to the changes in customers life for the better (Link to webpages Concierge, Drumelia Design, Project Management, etc.
  • Drumelia Real Estate also wants to build profitable relationships and create partner & collaborator delight, being responsible together for the success of the mutual business and the further prosperity of both sides. Sharing the responsibility to the clients who entrust the realization of their dream to us, we guarantee an excellent result by relentlessly delivering our traditional care and up-to-date information, technology advancements and modern concepts that become essential to the way we work and live.
  • Working with investors, developers and real estate development companies, we think not only about one-off profit, but also about the long term mutually beneficial business relationship, and also about the trust they put in us in the search of making the right decision and the chance we can give the investors to increase their capital through effective investments.

Drumelia Real Estate Centro Comercial R o Verde
Oficinas 6-7 Km 175.3 Carretera de C diz-M laga 29660
Marbella (M laga)


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