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Smart Security Gate + Anti-Pandemic

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Arcadia Smart Security Gate + Anti-Pandemic

by | Oct 15, 2020

Arcadia Anti-Pandemic Smart-Gate EVE-Q500 is a human body temperature detection and disinfection security door allin one machine, which includes non-contact body temperature detection and a full range of atomization and disinfection functions. Disinfection reduces risk. People whose body temperature exceeds the standard will trigger an alarm to indicate that the body temperature exceeds the standard. This device can be widely used in public transportation, schools, government departments and various occasions in society to detect body temperature and prevent new coronavirus infection.


* Create Safe Environments

Kill Coronavirus and exclude possible carriers

* Automatic Action

Detect temperature in 300ms

* Temperature Detection

The integrated machine uses a high precision infrared temperature sensor

* Intelligent Control Disinfection

Control the amount of disinfection, choose manual or automatic,

* Unique Face Recognition