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Anti-Pandemic, Anti-Covid19 Air Filters

For home use and properties in Marbella

Anti-Pandemic, Anti-Covid19 air-filters for home use

by | Nov 10, 2020

Arcadia Bio Anti-Pandemic X10 air filters design follows techniques previously used just in military and specialized medical air filtration units. Now Arcadia Industries made this sytem available to general public. Arcadia Bio Anti-Pandemic X10 air filters is a three-stage air filtration system deigned to eliminate airborn contaminants and is suitable for domestic and commercial environments for protection against general pollution, but also effective against Bio related pollution. This system is fitted with a highest-rated H14 HEPA High Efficiency Particulate filter, an F7-rated pre filter, activated carbon filterand capable of removing general pollutants, harmful microscopic particles, Ultrafine particles, pollen, Allergens, Mould, traps most known biological pollutants including bacteria and some viruses) also VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) and Odours/ Gases. 


Individual/ Collective positive pressure/ overpressure airfiltration systemintended for use in individual rooms or areas where several people gathering together, like sitting/ dining room, waiting rooms, etc.

The system provides up to 90 m3/h of filtered air